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BALKAN kHANs played in Sofia Live Club

May 7, 2014

Here some impressions from the concert in Sofia Live Club. We played there on thuesday 29th April 2013.
We are happy to welcome Ateshan Yuseinov in the BALKAN kHANs formation. He is playing guitar, tambura, bass and fretless at our band … and he take our sound in the spicy Levante and orient regions. Enjoy it here:

More videos BALKAN kHANs at Sziget fest

February 12, 2014

Is this Tango or Dubstep ala Shackleton?

Back in the time: Asian Vibes

2013 – A lot of things happened …

January 5, 2014

BALKAN kHANs came back to stage and plaid an amazing concert at the Sziget Festival in Budapest.
See the videos (sorry for the stigma camera but the sound is excellent at least).

more on the youtube-channel of Niki

and of course the gigs at MAZE club in Sofia

and we plaid in Ruse (again on Danube – we like that river)

Hope to see you in 2014. A lot of things are on the way already … be sure!

BALKAN kHANs played again in Sofia

September 26, 2013

On 26th September 2013 Balkan Khans played an explosive show in MAZE club in Sofia

Listen some audios of the gig here:

Thanks to our friend Kottarashky

BALKAN kHANs plays at Sziget Festival in Budapest

August 7, 2013

bandportrait @ Sziget Logo

Sat 10 August 2013 – 11.45 pm in Budapest at
Sziget Festival – Yeni Raki Roma Tent

We are back on stage!
And our next concert will be on one of world biggest and most amazing festivals: Sziget in Budapest
We will play at the Roma Tent – well known for great and sweaty live parties, where a lot of great bands and musicians from the Balkans played (including Ezma Redzepova et.)
After two years of silence we will bring fresh songs and much energy so to start in a new era of BALKAN kHANs.

more on Facebook

BALKAN kHANs beatbox master made it for 2nd time: Male World Champion 2012 in Beatbox Battle

May 31, 2012

Skiller is champion for world beatbox champion together with his bulgarian Beatboxess Pe4enkata who made the female champion
So it is true: TWO Bulgarians made the title. And it is just the sign that Bulgaria has probably the most lively Beatbox scenes of the world.

Check more
Beatbox Battle 2012

Balkan Khans and WOMEX

October 28, 2010

The well known Berlin label ASPHALT TANGO present the fresh DEMO CD of BALKAN KHANS on the world music fair WOMEX.

The World Music Fair takes place from 27 to 31 Oct 2010 in Kopenhagen Denmark. A perfect place to find fresh World Music, discuss, meet and a perfect stage for us.
ASPHALT TANGO has a long tradition in supporting and releasing serious, traditional and modern music from the Balkans. Curiously ASPHALT TANGO choose BALKAN KHANS to promote us on the fair and to support the band with booking in the future. Nice, as ASPHALT TANGO has already a favorable history with innovative artists and musicians from Bulgaria like Kottarashky and Joni Iliev.
Getting started!

asphalt tango