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Warm up for one of the nicest festivals on the Balkans – Before Beglika in Sofia

June 18, 2014

BALKAN kHANs will play on 18th July 2014 live on the Before Beglika Party. As it happened in the forthcoming years, one can expect a nice warm pre summer night in Sofia. Unfortunately we expect some storms in the regions, so Before Beglika cannot be open air this year.

Nevertheless we are looking forward to this nice party joined by Robert Soko. As we know him he was the first popular DJ in Germany who established Balkan Beats (far before Shantel).
Later on he released the popular compilations under his Balkan Beats brand together with Eastblok music.

And our old compagnion DJ Dharba (owner of Europes best Bakery will play together with Beglika resident DJ Phoenix.

And please notice the date for this years Beglika festival in your timeliners:
21 – 24 august 2014 around Beglika in the beautiful Rhodope Mountains. Check the impressions from former years

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